​Welcome to the offical website of Utility Technologies, Inc.

Utility Technologies, Inc. is an Alaska based company employing only quality employees trained in all aspects of outside plant communications construction. 

Our underground construction department has accomplished many large projects throughout the state. Employing quality supervisors with decades of experience, we pride ourselves on being able to assist with engineering, planning and logistics to help our clients bring their projects to life in the most economic and timely manner available. Our large variety of specialty equipment allows us to accomplish projects that others only wish they could do. 

Every project completed is important to our clients, no matter how large or small. Equally important is the relationship between our clients and their customers. Recently the local market has trended towards low impact construction which has allowed us to employ the use of shallow cut technology to provide Fiber To The Premises (FTTP) with little impact to businesses. These little extra steps to minimize impacts to business flow are the aspects often forgotten by most but something that is in the forefront of every UTI project managers' mind. Our mindset is that no one sees what is under the ground, only what is left behind when you leave. 

Our aerial construction department is proud to have extensive know how of NESC codes and we pride ourselves on building a plant that is not only funtional but as aesthetically pleasing as a pole line could be. No one prefers to see a pole line stitched across our beautiful Alaska skyline but it is a necessary occurance in many situations. By using quality trained linemen the aerial lines can be placed with as little visual impact as possible and often times much more economically than underground construction.